My Personal Concerns On Getting Older

HI’m not so worried about the age factor, when I refer to this topic. What I am talking about is the fact, that with age, we tend to slow down, simplify our habits and delete (pardon the expression) most anything complex from the equation mostly because we are no longer able to tolerate it.  This is what I am worried about.

In the last five plus years, I have found myself getting rid of most of my belongings, while expressing to those who asked, that I was downsizing just for the fun of it while I searched for new inspiration. However, while downsizing, I found myself also not interested in watching television, nor talking with anyone on the phone and I think the worst, is I’ve packed away my iPod. I’ve lost my patience and a bit of tolerance for loud noises and unnecessary conversation.  This revelation kept me up last night, while I came to the conclusion, that I was getting older and requiring nothing but quiet and relaxation. Perhaps it’s because, I’ve done my part in creating chaos and loud noise, in my younger days and now all I want is silence, just so I could think and be at peace within myself.

I’m not sure I like this change…


One thought on “My Personal Concerns On Getting Older

  1. I’ve often wondered about what it means to get older. I switched from loud music to talk radio, and from talk radio to nothing. I no longer frequent bars and nightclubs on a weekly basis; more like a bi-annual basis. Looking svelt and in shape and “in” doesn’t appeal to me as much as it used to. People still think I’m “young”, but isn’t it really a matter of feeling?
    Sometimes I feel old beyond my years and sometimes I feel like a teenager. However, those bursts of feeling alive and young and vibrant come less and less often. More often than not, I chose to stay close to home. My idea of going “out” is going to a park and watching the water on the Bay. What does this mean? Have I lost my wild side? Have I lost my lust for life? Or is it just a different way of thinking?
    To be sure, there are many that would say I’m “too young to be so old”, and maybe they’re right. Or maybe I’m just easing into a new space in my life. I don’t really know, but I plan to explore it a little bit more before I label it.

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