What Would Happen If….

woman_reading_newspaper1There are days, while I go for my walk, I wonder about the strangest things in life and to make conversation, I ask the person who I happen to be walking with the question to see what they think?

So, since the debate is always one dimensional, I decided to post my thoughts to see what you have to say about them?

1. What would happen if processed foods (canned, frozen or otherwise) or fast food restaurants where never created? Would this nation have an obesity problem today?

2. What would happen if you were able to choose your (any) doctor from any medical facility and the medical coverage was generic enough to cover it without any restrictions or guidelines? Would everyone be healthier and less prone to depression.

3. What would happen if America does not participate in any wars outside of the country? Would we become a stronger nation internally.

4. What would happen if we brought back ALL manufacturing of products/goods to the US? Would we become more prosperous and motivated to do better as a nation.

5. What would happen if women were able to stay home with their children until they reach the age to go to school? Would the children of our nation hold better values and strive to do their very best voluntarily.

6. What would happen if the CEOs of companies were better educated about their company? Would they care enough to make the work place better.

7. What would happen if….. (you fill the blank)



Do Men Really Need A Reason To Cheat?

image-30-woman-frustrated-with-a-manThe age-old question and one that every woman wonders  around the globe, whether silently or vocally.  Do men really need a reason to cheat?

Although, if you ask the men, the answer is always yes, cheating stems from a cause, an unhappy relationship, a nagging partner and the lack of passion from a lifetime commitment and while the information is relayed to the partner for such behavior, what the women perceives is, no matter what the reasons, they are not good enough.

What I often wonder, is when a woman signs the dotted line to marry, is she also consenting to the fact, her partner will cheat at least once in their relationship? Does she understand that, it comes with the territory, that no matter what, the man will always cheat. It’s part of life and that is how it has always been.  So, I ask again, do men really need a reason to cheat or does it just happen?

I have interviewed a dozen or more men about the topic at various stages in my lifetime and theirs and although some beat around the bush, the end result was, if the opportunity were “perfectly” presented to them, they would cheat and this has nothing to do with loving or not their wives or partners.

So, with this wealth of knowledge that each of us women have about the fact, that men really don’t need a reason to cheat, I want to know, how should women commit themselves to a union? Expecting the worst and hoping for the best? Should they make an agreement, a pact if you will, that if one cheats, the other can too? How should it be so that she doesn’t lose herself from a cheating husband?

I ask for some solid argument or discussion from anyone who can shed some light on this topic?