Thank You San Francisco Giants – From The Bottom Of My Heart

Never have I seen a game, or that I recall, played with such drive and determination, inspiring me to strive, going forward, even harder to achieve the kind of success I’ve longed for. The San Francisco Giants won the world series yesterday, and I know this might mean nothing to some of you, but it means a lot to me as a San Franciscan. Three trophies in five years, from a team, this year, not considered a top contender and even game seven predictions by some expert was for the Royals. I suppose rightfully so. The Royals played a tough game, driven just as well to win. But there was something about the Giantsthe amazing team behind the brand whose drive lifted up my spirits, and until that last inninggame 7, bottom of ninth, I was on the edge of my seat when suddenly a fluke happened, and there was a possibility we would lose. But I kept my faith in my team, chanting from the comfort of my home LETS GO GIANTS for every LETS GO Royals I heard emanating through the television speakers. I believed and Madison Bumgarner, steady, focused and calm, cool, and collected threw his last pitch of the game, not until Sandoval caught the ball, could we celebrateand celebrate we did, tearing up, feeling a mixture of amazing emotions, some I cannot even explainto think a baseball game could do that to me…priceless.

Thank you Giants. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.


It’s Nice To See A Pulse Again On My Blog

This blog, I’ve written and not many times, always thinking I shouldn’t tap into this side of the thoughts going through my brain. But you know what? After the kind of week I’ve had last, I decided to revive the blog, checking the ratings the last couple of days to see if anyone stumbled upon it. And they have, giving me the thumbs up so far. So, sit back and read on, I am more than happy to share. And if you also do have something to say, short story type contribution, please drop a line, and we can make your writings a guest entry, giving you full credit on a vast array of subjects. It will be good practice. Well, let me rephrasebased on editor’s discretion.


Short Stories – Coming Your Way Soon


I’ve looked for places to publish short stories – novels. But most criteria  detailed is for anything but novels. So, I decided to create my own site, for short stories, novels taken from real life, fiction, novels in any sort. So, if you have a short story you wish to share, and have been rejected most everywhere you turn, please stand by, you will get your chance soon:

I’m Still Learning To Be A Parent

parenting-is-a-journey-quote-on-colourful-theme-design-romantic-quotes-about-being-in-loveThe funny thing about being a parent is that you start out, the second you find out you are pregnant, by being absolutely scared after the novelty wears off of course. Scared about being pregnant, scared for the baby inside of you, scared about being a mother let alone a good one, scared of raising your child in this complex world of ours, and scared for just about everything.

Two to five years into being a parent, you think you’ve got the hang of it and choose to have another, very confident that you could handle both or even more. And you do, now nearly doing things with your eyes closed – changing diapers that is and keeping a feeding schedule.

At pre-teen years, you notice your faced with different challenges, some great while others not so. You brush it off as a learning curve for all of you. To clarify, on how to cope with a child with many questions, and  an attempt at developing their own voice and character.

Just when you think you have that down, they become teenagers, shutting you out of their world. Keeping secrets, exploring, being daring, inconsiderate at times, a little selfish and developing a tone, worrying you, forcing you to seek some guidance from your parents perhaps or even professionals, shying away from letting your extended family members know you are not able to handle your children.

The twenties, a sigh of relief you think. They move on, establishing themselves in the world, following their passion, their goals, relationships in-love or not, careers and what not. They barely contact you, fill you in, or even listen to anything you have to say. And if they do, it’s nearly too late. They need you after a gruesome wake up call and you go running, baffled at the fact your adult child needs you. So you give advise and be supportive, hoping you’ve done all you can to help, perspiring profusely at the fact, you could have possibly done more damage than good, keeping your fingers crossed.

They get married, driving you insane in the process. Or better yet, they fall for someone you don’t approve and there is nothing you could do to make them see the troubles ahead. And if you do, you are the bad guy, hurtful words thrown your way to make you second guess your parenting skills, running to an expert for advise, gambling on choosing the right way to parent yet again.

Just when you finally get a good night sleep, they announce a separation, a divorce perhaps, a loss of a good job, a plan to change gears with family in tow, financial mess possibly or even tangled in an affair, complicating everything. Not necessarily asking for help, but rather expecting it in a strange and unexplainable kind of way. And when you speak up, your opinion or wisdom is laughed upon or criticized, now your children bestowing upon you the inkling to second guess yourself again, wondering when in the world will you ever learn to be a parent?


How Much Of Yourself Should You Blog?

Screen Shot 2014-08-17 at 9.39.34 AMI’ve been a blogger for a while now. More precisely since 2006. I enjoy it. At first considering the hobby as a great way to journal just about anything. Well, mostly about the fun things in life. Film reviews, fashion, food, art, exercise and everything fantastic anyone is interested in. Then I realized that wasn’t fulfilling enough since the internet is now saturated with bloggers. So, I stared a more private one countless times. This and that, listing my views and feelings just about everything I go through, worrying that if I express too much of my opinion, I’d be labeled. Because of it,  I stopped blogging about my personal feelings and opinions, reserving those thoughts to linger in my mind instead, keeping me up at nights. I stopped blogging this way…until recently. The tail end of this year to be exact, when bits and pieces of my world have disturbed me enough to want to vent – somehow needing opinion, consoling maybe or just gentle discussions about life. Something we all know about and a subject relatable across the globe. This is what I plan to do, hopefully this time around I have the guts to keep going…