It’s Been A While


Months ago I lost the bet I made with myself to write something down every single day for 365 days. And just as I began to jot down all that is happening, happened, or continue to happen, I realized this exercise wasn’t working for me.

At the time I thought it would be some sort of emotional outlet, to write about life, but the more I wrote the more I felt ashamed to express my worries, insecurities, and plain concerns.

Well, since then so much has happened, that I decided one day, while sitting on the beach in Cannes, France,, to list of all of it so I won’t forget, and pieces of those things will not become part of my third novel.  I guess we’ll have to see how that all pans out.  Although those involved in the storyline, have already threatened for me not to utter a single word about any of it.

I assured them, it will be exaggerated, and interchangeable so no one will know who it I am talking about…stay tuned.

{photo of my view at a winery in Napa, June 27, 2015}