Unconditional Love…

Last night in a heated discussion this topic came up: How far and how long does the unconditional love rule apply for your children – who are grown adults?




Why Do We Envy…

those who we think are more fortunate then us – because they live in a big house, have the means to travel the globe at a drop of a hat, and surely experience all things celebrity?


Instagram Alike…

I’ve been posting my travel photographs on Instagram for a while now, more after I managed to get my 4s to stop shutting off each time I snap a photo. Don’t ask me how, because I couldn’t tell you if my life depended on how I fixed the problem.

Anyway, just today someone started following me on Instagram, and I realized after scrolling through his pictures, that he and I have been taking the same photos. Coincidence or destiny?


Article I Read I can’t Stop Thinking About…

There is Always One Person We’ll Never Get Over...so true, as I shamefully admit that I often think of one person I found myself attracted to a little too late…since when I gathered the courage to ask him out…he said he was married and expecting his first child.

Funny I didn’t see that coming, in all the mutual attraction.


What I Would Tell My Younger Self, if I could

Easier said then done, this one statement most of us utter over cocktails at some uncomfortable get-together or among a group of close friends on holiday over beer and tapas.

But the fact of the matter is, if I could, I would tell my younger self – to look wayyy into the future, and see how it is I want to end up…and then plan each day accordingly…or just follow your dreams.


My Doctor Said…

That my blood pressure was high, and that perhaps it was time for me to consider some changes in my lifestyle…

So, I logged off of Facebook…




So My Dog Has Anxiety…

I finally admitted to the vet this morning, that I am concerned that my dog has too much anxiety, to the point where even the glass of wine I am having with my dinner at night is not doing the trick. She suggested a calming diffuser, which of course I bought and the second I walked in through the door I plugged it in.


Now I’m sleepy… and he is still whining.