It’s Not You, It’s Me Topic

A month ago I noticed the strangest look on my husband’s face and instantly I realized he was having an affair. Although he danced around the topic, pretending he was simply in need of space to work through his mid-life, I knew deep down he was leaving me for another woman.

Just another casualty of love…and trust

He left Tuesday, packed up his stuff and said he’ll be back for the rest – so cliche, I know. But I almost feel like there is a manual for the men who are ready to walk out on their marriage  – one they refer to page by page and apply the best technique to minimize ‘dealing’ with drama from the person they are walking out on.

Sure I am angry, devastated, hurt, lost, confused, caught-of-guard, and most of all annoyed at the fact, that he sat their and denied he was leaving me for another woman.

Our story is long, heart-breaking, a struggle for over 30 years, and just when I thought we were going to grow old together, which he verbalized he was looking forward to, planning the best years of our lives together, he packs up his s*** and left…

Stay tuned for Chapter 1




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