Instagram Alike…

I’ve been posting my travel photographs on Instagram for a while now, more after I managed to get my 4s to stop shutting off each time I snap a photo. Don’t ask me how, because I couldn’t tell you if my life depended on how I fixed the problem.

Anyway, just today someone started following me on Instagram, and I realized after scrolling through his pictures, that he and I have been taking the same photos. Coincidence or destiny?


The Damage of A Bad Book Review


In light of all the positive reviews I’ve gotten so far for my books, I got my first bad review. And I have to tell you – it stung – very painfully.

My first normal reaction was – how mean and cruel can anyone be? And I teared up, while reaching out to my friends for moral support. I couldn’t stop thinking about it, bothered by her words all throughout the day, still thinking what she had to say was heartless. Eventually, I went to bed, but couldn’t sleep even still thinking – how mean.

But then I remembered that all throughout my life,  I’ve come across many very direct individuals, with their words shaking my entire being into second guessing myself for weeks and days after that. When I finally got over it, I decided to have an action plan – to improve upon what I’ve worked so hard to achieve, proving them wrong.

No one likes negative input, but it is a necessary force in society that we learn from, and we grow, striving to be better. I get it. But it still hurts…

Short Stories – Coming Your Way Soon


I’ve looked for places to publish short stories – novels. But most criteria  detailed is for anything but novels. So, I decided to create my own site, for short stories, novels taken from real life, fiction, novels in any sort. So, if you have a short story you wish to share, and have been rejected most everywhere you turn, please stand by, you will get your chance soon: