Ever Wonder Your Purpose…

I seldom wonder what my purpose in life is, but I know a few of my friends who often inquire about theirs and even engage me in conversation about the topic – asking me what I thought their purpose was? And I find myself giving them long and drawn out explanations and even guiding them towards their purpose in life.

And then I thought about it one night, after watching a French film on television, about a man who gives too much but never gets anything in return….that…

my purpose in life is…to protect you from yourself dear friends and family.
{photo source – I would love to give credit if only I remembered where I found this beautiful photo}

Thoughts of A New Year Resolution


I don’t do new year resolutions. I simply pin point a fault of mine, and try to correct it each year. I place a white 3×5 card with just a word written in bold and attach it somewhere very visible in my house, so I can refer to it month after month. I’ve done a lot of improvements that way, not once veering, or forgetting or giving up, twelve months sticking to the plan. In 2014, my one-word reminder was FOCUS. I knew what I meant, and I knew that word was going to get me to survive the very challenging year I projected most of 2014 to be. FOCUS was what got me through. FOCUS helped me to publish my first novel. FOCUS allowed me to cope with my mother’s illness. FOCUS got me to see the bigger picture when loved one’s parted ways. FOCUS was a goal I set to strive for what I really wanted from my job. FOCUS helped me understand my relationship with my spouse. FOCUS set the tone for next year.

For 2015, I am searching for the right word to challenge myself, to strive to be a better person somehow. Conceivably, that word would be MEDITATE (more and be frustrated less). Perhaps it will be DREAM (big.Or, of the possibilities). Maybe the word should be SUCCESS (with my novels, or with where I see my future).

I’m still thinking, and in a few weeks I’ll know exactly what word will do.

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A Week In The Life Through Quotes

Screen Shot 2014-08-17 at 9.39.34 AM

On days where I have deep discussions about life, health and possible plans for all the uncertainties with all members of my immediate family, draining me.


Mostly on Sunday afternoons, this thought goes through my head while I prep myself emotionally for the week ahead.


Good plan, especially on days when nothing seems to be going well.


This is a great suggestion. One I use always. Not only does it make someone feel better, but it helps me feel better about myself.

What Would Happen If….

woman_reading_newspaper1There are days, while I go for my walk, I wonder about the strangest things in life and to make conversation, I ask the person who I happen to be walking with the question to see what they think?

So, since the debate is always one dimensional, I decided to post my thoughts to see what you have to say about them?

1. What would happen if processed foods (canned, frozen or otherwise) or fast food restaurants where never created? Would this nation have an obesity problem today?

2. What would happen if you were able to choose your (any) doctor from any medical facility and the medical coverage was generic enough to cover it without any restrictions or guidelines? Would everyone be healthier and less prone to depression.

3. What would happen if America does not participate in any wars outside of the country? Would we become a stronger nation internally.

4. What would happen if we brought back ALL manufacturing of products/goods to the US? Would we become more prosperous and motivated to do better as a nation.

5. What would happen if women were able to stay home with their children until they reach the age to go to school? Would the children of our nation hold better values and strive to do their very best voluntarily.

6. What would happen if the CEOs of companies were better educated about their company? Would they care enough to make the work place better.

7. What would happen if….. (you fill the blank)