My Doctor Said…

That my blood pressure was high, and that perhaps it was time for me to consider some changes in my lifestyle…

So, I logged off of Facebook…





Self Help The Old Fashioned Way

tumblr_meuleuvSwd1qzpp8po1_500When I was in my twenties I ran to the bookstore, every time I was at a loss. Whether it be emotional, physological, professional and coping, I turned to the wise words of countless authors who were an expert in directing people’s behaviors to be able to work through their, well mostly, insecurities.

What I learned from those books, that words cannot change anyone, if they aren’t mentally ready for a change and that maturity is what gets you through most any problem one is faced with.

I’ve come to this conclusion because now that I am well in my 40s, I see things differently and cope with them in a much wiser way than I did when I was younger. I have a tolerance for most things and always search for the logical approach to coping or handling a milestone I am faced with.  This, although I read about years back, I didn’t quiet understand how to apply what I learned from the books until I  reached a level in my life where everything made more sense and became  much more clearer.

The moral of this story is that every decade in our lifetime we learn and cope differently with the same issues we are faced with and no matter how many self-help books we read to accelerate the knowledge or find a cure for our ailments, it isn’t going to come unless we mature with age and develop the skills necessary to weather any storm we are faced with in our lives.