Nothing Like A Storm Brewing

I read into things all the time. At first, I assumed it was only because I was a curious personuntil I started to write stories, short ones in the beginning, then a novel here and there, the craft forcing me to read into things even more. With that said, I have to point out, just yesterday, at 4:30p to be precise the clouds began to form over the Pacific ocean, the view from my home office window, hypnotizing and exciting  me into writing about a stormy relationship in my next novel. Call me crazy, but I think those aspiring to write, understand where I’m coming from.


The Damage of A Bad Book Review


In light of all the positive reviews I’ve gotten so far for my books, I got my first bad review. And I have to tell you – it stung – very painfully.

My first normal reaction was – how mean and cruel can anyone be? And I teared up, while reaching out to my friends for moral support. I couldn’t stop thinking about it, bothered by her words all throughout the day, still thinking what she had to say was heartless. Eventually, I went to bed, but couldn’t sleep even still thinking – how mean.

But then I remembered that all throughout my life,  I’ve come across many very direct individuals, with their words shaking my entire being into second guessing myself for weeks and days after that. When I finally got over it, I decided to have an action plan – to improve upon what I’ve worked so hard to achieve, proving them wrong.

No one likes negative input, but it is a necessary force in society that we learn from, and we grow, striving to be better. I get it. But it still hurts…

Publishing My First Book


I have completed a handful of novels. Well, technically the first one I am not yet ready to publish, I just can’t part with it. The second is a two-part novel, which I am so proud of and so ready to publish.

The trouble with taking the next step is, I don’t know which route to take first. E-book or paperback?  The reason for my personal debate is that, while I commute to and from work every day, I see people, on some days reading an actual book and other days kindling away. I would have to say the ratio is 50/50 and the decision a tough one.

The target audience for my book is mostly anyone mature enough to understand the storyline. There is no age limit, no gender, no class, no color. It’s simply a beautiful story and one very real.

So, while I contemplate which route to take, I would appreciate some feedback from anyone who is in the same boat as I am.

Thanks a bunch