A Checkup?

I scheduled a physical for today because I’ve been feeling too much under the weather lately and figured it was best to get myself checked. Although while I sat in the waiting area, I began to wonder why even bother? Or that perhaps I just need a real vacation, unplugged from all things reality. Not the running away I’d been doing.

My cheery doctor walked in, and shook my hand as usual, which, in my case doesn’t make me feel any better. In fact, it puts me under more stress. But I didn’t  want to burst her bubble.

Anyway, as always the first question she asks is – what brings you here today. And my first reaction always, a sigh – which I figure would set the tone, or maybe causes the doctor to brace herself – because let’s face it, sigh is the predictable in their line of work.

Today however, she sat there and actually listened to all the s*** I dished out and the more I spoke, the lower her jaw dropped – and although she humored me with an exam, she sat across from me and said – There is only one thing wrong with you – and I held my breath. Your heart…I gulped…she slid closer, and held my hand…and I am certain I turned pale. You are suffering from a broken heart – she said and I cocked my head back, wondering if she was mocking me. But she wasn’t. She was genuinely serious and repeated it again adding – and for that there isn’t much we can do except tell you that it takes time to heal a broken heart – and she wished me well and left the room.

Well this sucks…