I Think I Need New Friends

This revelation came to me while I sat through a baseball game in the city, staring at my favorite pitcher make his come back after a dumb injury – his fault for not thinking straight about what leisure activities not to do during an actual season.

Anyway, I realized while scoping the bleachers, watching people interact, that I needed new friends. I mean, I need people in my life that haven’t known me a lifetime nor are too judgy or even overly opinionated about ME in general. These so called friends, who I thought are my friends, are hardly there anyway. It’s usually me who’s been there for them. And with this recent nonsense I’m going through, no one has bothered to touch base with me past the initial announcement I made about my status quo.  Why does that happen? The second you are almost too single or too alone, the friends scatter.

Maybe it’s for the best.  Out with the old – and in with the new – all around should be my mind-set. Not just in relationship, but also in friendships. The only question I have is – where the f**** do I start? Meaning, how does one make new friends, when THIS ONE is somewhat set in her lifestyle? Scratch that…hmmm, let me think about…

No seriously, where the f*** would one start to finding new friends?