Article I Read I can’t Stop Thinking About…

There is Always One Person We’ll Never Get true, as I shamefully admit that I often think of one person I found myself attracted to a little too late…since when I gathered the courage to ask him out…he said he was married and expecting his first child.

Funny I didn’t see that coming, in all the mutual attraction.



An Attraction Is A Beautiful Thing

propertyofalifefromasuitcaseThis morning, like any other, I got on the train, plugged in my headphones, and tuned the world out while I commuted to work. The weather, a crispy, sunny day in San Francisco, the commuters less than normal-I suppose due to Spring Break for some of the schools.

Anyway, we were stopped at a light, in a neighborhood I adore, mostly Victorian style homes lining the streets, also trees still in existence, not like the neighborhood I live in, where investors are buying properties and getting rid of greenery for the sake of added parking spaces.

We were stopped at a red light. I noticed a man, maybe in his late twenties, in his jogging sweats and hooded sweatshirt, waiting on top of the stairs for someone to answer the door. A nicely dressed—in business attire—a young girl opened the door, and the expressions on their faces were priceless as they made eye contact. Surely something any one of us has experienced at least once in our life times. They didn’t hug, nor kiss. He simply walked her down the stairs, and around the corner to a coffee shop.

As the train began to move, I could see them smiling and talking, her blushing, him over the moon…The few seconds in time making me smile.

{photo I took in the lobby of the building I work in}