My Life From A Novel

Four plus years ago, I published my first novel. At the time, I had been sitting at a cafe in Rome, staring at a wonderful stationery store, and suddenly realized I needed to write a story about a woman who discovers her husband is having an affair, confronts him, he admits it, moves out and then she is faced with live without him…. The positive, she moves to Rome.


What the heck was I thinking writing all that back then? Was it because I saw into the future, or was my subconscious wishing something crazy like that would happen to me in real life? Scary to think about it.  Although if I think back really hard –  my explanation would be that I simply fell in love with Rome figured there would be a great story to tell – that is all.

The interesting thing is that – now – I am sensing every chapter is unfolding – in real life. And if that is the case, then please bring on the ENDING!




Editing A Novel And Discovering A Whole New Story

pigeons in waterI read articles, follow discussions, and check twitter comments on a regular basis so I can figure out what and what not to do when it comes to writing, editing and publishing a novel.

With that said, I have an editor who I work with diligently to get my stories out. Although her insights are very helpful, I question what she could be thinking in regards to the storyline. Her notes to me are as follows:

  • Too much reality, we need more fantasy.
  • Does that really happen in real life? It sounds unreal.
  • Do 43-year-old women really go to bars?
  • The main character’s older daughter comes across heartless.
  • The main character is too emotional – referring to her finding out her husband is cheating.
  • I am confused. Oh this makes perfect sense
  • You hit the nail on the head. Wait why is this happening?

These are some of the contradictory comments she’s made in some of the paragraphs or chapters. Seriously, confusing me to death.

So what I did was start the book over again, changing so much to incorporate her notes, and where she suggested that I elaborate I did, where she asked I cut out I did, and now that I am almost done with the editing, I realize the story has changed drastically.  I don’t know is that a good thing?


{photo: signs of Springtime in San Francisco.}



Publishing My First Book


I have completed a handful of novels. Well, technically the first one I am not yet ready to publish, I just can’t part with it. The second is a two-part novel, which I am so proud of and so ready to publish.

The trouble with taking the next step is, I don’t know which route to take first. E-book or paperback?  The reason for my personal debate is that, while I commute to and from work every day, I see people, on some days reading an actual book and other days kindling away. I would have to say the ratio is 50/50 and the decision a tough one.

The target audience for my book is mostly anyone mature enough to understand the storyline. There is no age limit, no gender, no class, no color. It’s simply a beautiful story and one very real.

So, while I contemplate which route to take, I would appreciate some feedback from anyone who is in the same boat as I am.

Thanks a bunch