Why A Suitcase You May Ask

prod40071I’ve often considered myself a nomad (not necessarily defined by Webster), but rather one unsettled soul roaming aimlessly through life with a bag of knowledge and experience in tow.

This is how I would explain the title of my blog to anyone who feels the need to relate.

I’ve contemplated starting this blog for years. I’ve actually done so elsewhere and due to the bleakness of the topics I chose to write there, I decided that blog was bringing me down way too much. So, I logged out one last time and put the blog out of my mind for a couple of years until I was ready to start it up again in a new place and with a new face.

The contents of this new and improved blog is my views on life, from the one I have experienced for several decades, in hopes that I could exchange knowledge and achieve what will ultimately make my life the best that it can be and hopefully along the way, I can help you as well.

Stay tuned and keep your fingers crossed.