Company Sponsored Parties, and How To Behave


I’ve done years of company sponsored happy hours, and holiday parties. Some I attended while others I planned – to attend of course. At each event, I make sure I pace myself, mostly nursing a glass of champagne or wine, while others opt to do shots and more drinks,  and less food, within the first hour making a fool of themselves always. I’ve nursed some of those people. escorted them to curbside to call a cab to get them home, or even been kind enough to take them home myself, not at all shocked at all that I have seen. But I know, or the rule of thumb is that when you are attending a company function, you desist  from the following frowned upon behaviors – no matter how cool your company is:

1. Don’t drink past your limit.
2. Don’t drink and talk about your boss.
3. Don’t drink and hit up on co-workers, crossing some sort of line that you can’t remember afterwards.
4. Don’t drink and not eat.
5. Don’t do drugs in front of other co-workers or encourage them into doing them with you.
6. Don’t drink and announce things to everyone.
7. Don’t drink and try to hold onto your boss, rambling on the side of his/her face about anything.
8. Don’t drink and have sex with co-workers.
9. Don’t drink and then stumble around the room, spilling drinks on others.
10. Don’t drink and because of it break bottles or glassware.

Just don’t…

Please celebrate the holidays responsibly.

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