Thoughts of A New Year Resolution


I don’t do new year resolutions. I simply pin point a fault of mine, and try to correct it each year. I place a white 3×5 card with just a word written in bold and attach it somewhere very visible in my house, so I can refer to it month after month. I’ve done a lot of improvements that way, not once veering, or forgetting or giving up, twelve months sticking to the plan. In 2014, my one-word reminder was FOCUS. I knew what I meant, and I knew that word was going to get me to survive the very challenging year I projected most of 2014 to be. FOCUS was what got me through. FOCUS helped me to publish my first novel. FOCUS allowed me to cope with my mother’s illness. FOCUS got me to see the bigger picture when loved one’s parted ways. FOCUS was a goal I set to strive for what I really wanted from my job. FOCUS helped me understand my relationship with my spouse. FOCUS set the tone for next year.

For 2015, I am searching for the right word to challenge myself, to strive to be a better person somehow. Conceivably, that word would be MEDITATE (more and be frustrated less). Perhaps it will be DREAM (big.Or, of the possibilities). Maybe the word should be SUCCESS (with my novels, or with where I see my future).

I’m still thinking, and in a few weeks I’ll know exactly what word will do.

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